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Slow Living on Kos


Slow Living on Kos

I must – once again – apologize for being such a terrible blogger these days. I’m back; recharged and ready for more adventures! It’s been a hectic past couple of weeks, but last week I spent 5 days on Kos, surrounded by fellow creatives and travellers and in beautiful (and hot!) surroundings, which was exactly what I was in need of. Just when people were starting to wear sweaters and winter-coats at home, I made my escape to Greece and 32 degrees.

Our trip wasn’t all about relaxing by the pool though (and thank god for that – I’m all for chilling in the sun and doing nothing, but I need my little adventures, too!) – We went horseback-riding (I’ll share a separate post with photos from that later on), we went on an amazing boattrip to the islands of Nera and Kalymnos, and we payed Kos town a visit, chatting to little kittens, watching the sunset from the harbour and dining at restaurant Petrino (which I can really recommend!)

Kos – I find – is one of those greek islands that don’t seem too crowded by tourists. Especially in September when most tourists have left the island. Casa Cook, where we stayed, is located on the northern coast and is just true paradise. I was there to write a feature for a danish newspaper, and as usual I’m just beyond grateful that my job takes me these sort of places.

Here’s a couple of photos from our time on Kos:

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Find more photos from the trip on my Instagram.

Now, I don’t have much experience with video, but I did try to put together a few clips that I recorded during our trip:


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